Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy, just click on the  ‘sign up’ button and you will be directed to our sign up with the eligibility checklist. If eligible for the training, complete your details and you will gain instant access to the free online course. If you are not eligible, don’t despair, Autism SA have alternative training options that may be suited to your business/organisation. 

Simply contact us to find out more.

As an individual, anyone can complete the training. However as an individual, you are not able to join the Autism Friendly Charter.  

Unfortunately, not every business or organising will be eligible to join the Autism Friendly Charter. For eligibility requirements please visit the eligibility checklist. 

There are other options available if you are not eligible. Simply contact us  to find out more. 

The training is comprised of five training modules which require you to answer a series of questions at the conclusion of each module. The training takes an hour or less. Once you have completed the training course you will receive a certificate. You are then on your way to becoming more autism friendly. 

No you don’t need to be an expert in autism. The training provides you with a baseline understanding of the autism spectrum as well as providing you with strategies and other considerations for creating an autism friendly environment. 

The online training course should take approximately one hour to view the modules and complete the questionnaires at the conclusion of each module.

The answer is yes! We understand that time is precious and if you need to walk away from the training and complete at a more convenient time, this can be done. When you log back in, it will direct you to exactly where you left off.

There are a set of questions at the end of each module to assess you. If you do not get the correct answers, don’t worry as you are given multiple attempts until you are successful.

You will need to have senior management and 75% of your registered workforce to complete the online training course for the Autism Friendly Charter. If your business is too large, and you would prefer alternate group training options, please contact us and we will make arrangements with you.

Once you, and 75% of your workforce have completed the course, and agreed to uphold the Charter Principles, you are one step closer to getting your business/organisation on the directory. Simply go to your Account Page and upgrade an account using the tabs provided. From there, your business will not only appear in the directory, we’ll also send you out a sticker pack and a copy of the Charter Commitment to sign.

NOTE: Do not get all of your staff to upgrade their account, only 1 account per business should upgrade to go into the directory. We recommend that the office administrator or manager upgrade their account.

If you need to ask a question you can email us at and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

Contribute to building an autism friendly Australia and attracting individuals on the autism spectrum to your business!

Check out the Autism Friendly Charter and see if you are eligible for the free online training.