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Complete the free online autism training course in one hour or less.

The Autism Friendly Charter is an initiative established by Autism SA. Our aim is to increase understanding of autism and to build confidence in applying neurodiversity affirming practices across workforces to support accessibility and inclusion by all.


Who is eligible for the autism spectrum training?

Our online autism training is available to eligible businesses and organisations across Australia and provides an introduction to autism and practices to support inclusion. To be eligible, organisation are committing to having 75% of their workforce complete the Autism Friendly Charter training.

If you are unsure if you fall outside of the eligibility criteria, or would like more information about our Tailored Training services please contact us.

As an individual, you can complete the Autism Friendly Charter training, but you are not able to join the Autism Friendly Charter.


What’s included in this online course?

The Autism Friendly Charter Training includes five modules with a focus on developing your understanding of autism and to develop confidence in applying autism friendly practices to support inclusion.

Included in the training are five modules:

An introduction to the Autism Friendly Charter

Module 1: Autism

Module 2: A spectrum of characteristics

Module 3: An Insight: If the World were Built for me

Module 4: Developing Autism Friendly environments

Module 5: Your Commitment to the Autism Friendly Charter

Each module consists of a video element, followed by a questionnaire. When you have watched the video carefully, please complete the questionnaire, and then continue to the next module.

You can expect to complete the free training in one hour or less. 


What happens after the training?

When you and 75% of your workforce have completed the free online training you will be invited to commit to upholding the charter principals which you can complete online.

Once your business, organisation, agency, department of authority has made the commitment, you will be invited to be listed on the Autism Friendly Directory where you will become part of the Autism Friendly Charter movement.

We will send you an Autism Friendly Charter Welcome Pack including office door branding and supporting information.