The Charter Commitment


Upon completion of the online training of senior management, and 75% of your customer-facing staff your organisation will be asked to sign the Autism Friendly Charter.

Here's the commitment:

  • Ensuring our staff are trained in autism awareness, which will promote and create understanding. Staff will also be aware of where they can go to find out more information, should they wish.
  • Making our staff aware of the different ways people with autism may communicate. Communication is a very broad term to describe how we interact, both verbally and non-verbally. Our staff will try to communicate in whichever way the individual on the autism spectrum chooses.
  • Ensuring our staff make reasonable adjustments, should they suspect or be informed that an individual has autism.
  • Taking suggestions and feedback from people with autism to make our environment more friendly.
  • Creating an environment where our staff also feels comfortable disclosing their autism.
  • Providing all staff on the autism spectrum with a supportive working environment.

Become an autism friendly business/organisation today!