Case study:

Drive Smart Driving School

We’ve been involved working and supporting clients on the spectrum for years. 

One day, we saw that another business had listed with Autism Friendly Charter and going, what’s this? How do they list with that? How do we get on this? 

The course was fantastic, for those of us that had been doing some work in the sector, it really consolidated and built on what we already knew. 

For the guys in the team that hadn’t done a lot of work in the sector, it was just amazing 

Some of the specific things that we now really make sure we have in place are that we’re really, really careful to not start a course of lessons if we can’t keep them going regularly. We’ve learned how important it is to have sessions at the same time, and the cars we use, the low sensory vehicles. 

Having our business listed on the Autism Friendly Charter directory has been huge. Almost all the clients that have come to us because of the fact that we’re now an autism friendly organisation, or recognised as one. 

We love our association with the Autism Friendly Charter because it enables people to find us who need what we do, and it lets people see that we are actually willing to go that extra mile, whatever they need.