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Autism Friendly Notes

The owner/head coach of BKOZ Training has experience working with Autistic people and also has an Autistic child himself.

BKOZ can provide sessions to meet all player's needs, including but not limited to a closed gym (player, coach and parent/carer only allowed), lower lighting, differentiated instruction.

We also endeavour to assist children and adults with Autism into "mainstream" sports so they can be a part of their community and join their peers in acheiving through sport.

About BKOZ Training and Development

At BKOZ Training and Development our vision is to deliver a personalised advanced basketball program to develop skills and take players to the next level.  We aspire to give athletes opportunities and guide them on their basketball journey as well as guiding them to grow as people.  Our training programs are suitable for all ages, junior novice to adult professional.

BKOZ has a passion for inclusiveness and providing opportunities to those with disabilities, special needs and/or impairments.  We encourage persons with disabilities, special needs and/or impairments to join us in a tailored program to learn the game, reach their goals, develop their skills, be confident people and reach the highest level of basketball they can.

We look forward to working with you all, “BKOZ everyone can be a superstar”

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