Please check your business/organisation eligibility before registering for the Autism Friendly Charter online course. If you cannot check all the boxes below accurately, unfortunately you are ineligible to complete this online training.

However, Autism SA thank you for your interest and may have an alternative training option for your business/organisation. So that we can provide you with some other training options, please contact us here and we will be get back to you as soon as possible.

Please fill out the fields below and you will receive email confirmation that your account has been created. Each staff member can have register their own account so that they can complete the course at their own pace, and each get an individual certificate.

Once 75% of your customer facing staff have completed the course, and you are eligible for the Autism Friendly Charter, you can upgrade an account to go into the Autism Friendly Charter Directory. You can do this by going to your Account Page > Upgrade Account To Directory Tab > Move To Directory.

NOTE: Only 1 account per business should upgrade to go into the directory, we recommend that the office admin or manager upgrade their account.