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About Kangaroo Island Living Honey

We are a small family run business, consisting of Shawn the apiarist (Bee keeper) and farmer, Anthea the book keeper and product manufacturer and our 5 children. Shawn started working with bees as a hobby in 1998 and soon realised that he wanted to do more with them and so we continued to build our hive numbers each year. Shawn now runs approx 180 productive hives and is still building. We extract up to 20 ton of Organic honey on a good year. We avoiding using chemicals in all aspects of our farming practices. Our Aim is to produce products of a high standard and as natural as possible.

Without honey bees many food crops will fail, having a disastrous effect on our food chain. If we don’t protect our bees and they become extinct the world will starve.

Products can be found at various outlets throughout SA.

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