Human Pilates

Autism Friendly Notes

Autistic-led by a Certified Pilates Instructor with expertise in rehabilitation, pain science, and mindset coaching.


Our professional toolkit is enhanced by our lived experience (the sort of understanding that can’t be taught in classrooms) and our compassion. We celebrate different.


Private sessions tailored to Individual needs -  lights dimmable upon request, choose familiar music (or choose none) at a comfortable volume, flexible, unhurried transitions.

Online Community spaces, including a space just for our Autistic Members to share experiences and resources, ask questions, chat about special interests and celebrate milestones.

Autism Friendly Special Offer

Our website is still under construction!

To register your interest or enquire about availability, please reach out to us in an email.

About Human Pilates

Inclusive Movement Discovery.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our refreshingly judgement-free, inclusive adult movement space.

We’ve created a first of it’s kind space where we help you:

  • increase physical capacity
  • reduce pain
  • increase mobility
  • achieve meaningful goals defined by functional movement, not size.
  • improve mental health and mindset
  • improve quality of life
  • discover new, exciting ways of moving


Even if you:

  • don’t identify as “athletic” or “coordinated”
  • believe that your body is too weak, inflexible or fragile
  • don’t think group fitness solutions can meet your needs
  • experience anxiety or discomfort in group situations
  • experience sensory stimuli more or less intensely than most folks
  • identify as neurodivergent, ASD, PDA, ADD, ADHD, BPD, OCD
  • learn differently
  • have had enough of diets, fat-shaming or mirrors
  • have other needs which make exercise tricky


What makes us different?

  • Led by a Certified Pilates Instructor on the autism spectrum
  • Maximum of 3 people + Instructor in group classes, with Private sessions also offered (subject to availability)
  • Autism ASD PDA ADHD and ADD friendly
  • Health At Every Size (HAES) friendly (no fat shaming)
  • Weight-neutral and Food-neutral (no diet culture)
  • LGBTIQ+ friendly
  • BIPOC friendly
  • Eating disorder survivor friendly
  • Trauma informed
  • Sensory friendly
  • Simple no-fuss instruction, grounded in the latest exercise science
  • Just bring your authentic self and let us create a movement experience that is perfectly in tune with your needs and preferences.

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