Autism Friendly Notes

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About Chesslife

Chesslife’s Vision is to create a chess community and culture that enriches lives around Australia.

We are Australia’s leading chess educational provider; teaching young and old how to learn and grow through the game of chess.

We teach at schools and libraries all around South Australia. Please contact us to find out where your nearest chess club is located.

So what does the Autism Friendly Charter mean to us?

  • It means we are open, accepting and understanding of chess players with Autism.
  • It means we are not judgemental towards some of your unique features and we are accommodating towards your needs.


Our highly experienced team knows what challenges may arise during a class and are more than happy to listen or to help you find some quiet space when it all becomes a bit too much.

  • It means we are happy if you want to touch all the chess pieces before you start, or want to straighten them up on the board.
  • It means we are happy if you want to sit under the table for a bit.
  • It means we are happy if you want to wear sunglasses or head phones, because sometimes we are unable to control the environment.


Chess classes provide an excellent setting where you can be among people that have the same special interest. You will find many people that would love to talk openings, end games or amazing games you have played. But you can also choose to just play a game of chess, without any talking.

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