Charter Principles

As a member of the Autism Friendly Charter movement, we have committed to the Autism Friendly Charter Principles to support an accessible and inclusive society.  

We are proudly committed to The Autism Friendly Charter principles of:   

  1. Ensuring our workforce have had autism awareness training. Our workforce will also be aware of where they can go to find out more information on autism.  
  1. Making necessary adjustments to support accessibility and inclusion for everyone.  
  1. Ensuring that individual communication preferences are respected, valued and utilised.  
  1. Recognising differences in sensory processing and consideration of our sensory environment.  
  1. Actively seeking suggestions from the autism community and welcoming feedback to help us be more inclusive.  
  1. Creating an environment where everyone, including our workforce, feels comfortable sharing their experiences of autism.  
  1. Providing all, including those on the autism spectrum, with a supportive working environment.  
  1. Identifying a key staff member as an autism friendly champion, to support everyone to feel confident in using neurodiversity-affirming practices.