3 Benefits of registering as an Autism Friendly business

For some individuals on the autism spectrum, socialising, communicating, processing sensory and cognitive information can be overwhelming. This can include when they are trying to access services, or engage with business like yours. As a business owner, or someone that is in the position of customer care, there are things that you can do and say that can increase how autism friendly your business is, supporting accessibility for those on the autism spectrum.

Like any position, there are certain skills that can be developed through learning and practice. These skills and practices can include how to identify customers that may need support and possible adjustment made to make it easier for them to access your services. Increasing accessibility for the public to engage with your business is beneficial to the wider community and for your business.

The Autism Friendly Charter offers a free online video course to help businesses and their employees better understand the autism spectrum, some characteristics of autism and how you can support a person to better access services. Creating a more autism friendly environment and supporting the needs of all people accessing your services creates a more positive experience for everyone.

This training leads to many benefits to the businesses who complete it, as well as the communities they serve. Here are three of the key benefits businesses who complete this training will enjoy.

1) You Can Serve More Customers Better

It’s estimated that as many as one in every one hundred Australians are diagnosed with autism
That’s quite a significant proportion of the population, a large slice of the community that would benefit from access to more supportive, inclusive businesses. But to look at it the same way, it also represents a large section of the community that businesses could access and build valuable relationships with.

2) Recognition as an Autism Friendly Business

It’s always nice to be recognised for doing something good, but the real value in public recognition for being an autism friendly business is that it makes you more welcoming and inclusive to all those in your community.

Once 75% or more of your client-facing staff have completed the online training, your business is eligible to be listed in the Autism Friendly Directory – an online resource for people on the spectrum to find businesses that are welcoming and inclusive of them.

Listed businesses also get to display branding that publicly shows customers that they are autism friendly supporters.

3) It’s Free and It’s Easy

Lastly, it’s never been easier to become an autism friendly supporter business. Our autism training is completely free, easily available online and can be completed in less than an hour.

Most Australian businesses are eligible for this free online training, and on completion may join the Autism Friendly Charter and be added on our online business directory.

For more information on the training course and how to register, please see our Register page.