About Swimclusion

The benefits of swimming and aquatic therapy are well documented and for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and are proven to be one of the most effective forms of therapy.

Water is an ideal environment for exercise and rehabilitation due to its constant temperature, buoyancy, density, pressure, and resistance. It helps to reduce body weight, relax the muscles, and decrease stress.

These properties have been shown to help those with ASD regulate their excitement and anxiety levels.

When engaging in specific well-directed water activities, improvements can be seen in the following domains (to name just a few):

  • Motor function (including strength, coordination, balance and endurance)
  • Sensory
  • Social
  • Communication
  • Cognition
  • Emotion
  • Aquatic skills and water safety

Our caring and knowledgeable instructors will personalise sessions to the needs of each individual. These sessions focus on water safety, drowning prevention, water therapy, and general swimming skills for all ages.

Learn more at swimclusion.com.au

Testimonial from Natasha

“My two boys have been attending Swimclusion Classes at Adelaide Hydrotherapy for nearly 2 months now and we have been amazed at their progress! Our instructor, Vanessa, has the most beautiful, gentle manner and I feel very safe leaving them in her capable hands. Having specialised experience with Autistic Children, I can relax knowing they are well taken care of in their session with her. It has been a very pleasurable ‘therapy’ experience, watching them excel at their individual levels due to the rapport Vanessa has built with each of them so quickly.”

Natasha M

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